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Big Dick Problem? Here’s The Underwear That’s Got You Covered

Posted on February 22 2018

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Being ‘well endowed’ can be both the butt of endless jokes as well as the envy of many men, but one big dick problem that rarely gets discussed is the everyday nuisance of buying underwear. It’s not just a case of ordering exclusively larger sizes or ones that are extra loose; you have to avoid entire lines of garments purely because they leave you with an uncomfortable, as well as unflattering, bulge. Well one big name in men’s underwear may finally mean you (and your considerable package) are covered: WildmanT’s Big Boy Male Pouch Collection


WildmanT Mesh Boxer Brief With Big Boy Pouch

The key design addition that makes these pairs of underwear so perfect for a big dick problem is the strapless pouch. Able to offer comfort, support and freedom all at once, this roomy little resting place slips around and holds your package with an astonishing ease and comfort. Gone are the days of smashing down everything into underwear or figuring out which leg in your boxers it will have to hang with – the pouch totally surrounds your manhood and lets it swing about like it was meant to.With a title that gets straight to the point, as it were, this quality collection of men’s boxers, bikinis and thongs are targeted specifically at guys who have a low-hanging pouch. Another excellent creation by notable male undergarment producer Tim Wildman, the Big Boy Male Pouch collection is not only his brand’s first attempt at a range that caters to the “big boys”, it’s also the first set made entirely within the US. This allowed Wildman to be directly hands on with the production on a day to day business, and to personally oversee that the range met its rather large obligation.

A great factor of the WildmanT’s Big Boy Male Pouch Collection is, like any range, it’s not limited to just one variation. If you’ve always wanted to find an ideal pair of boxer briefs for those social outings or special dates, but found them all a little too tight for comfort, than the Wildmant Big Boy Mesh Boxer Briefs are made with an ultra-breathable fabric combo of 90% Nylon, and 10% Spandex. The signature black mesh that this creates works perfectly with every other aspect of the design; from the WildmanT belt logo to the tight covering round at the rear. It’s sleek, well proportioned and an inviting sight for both yourself and whomever you’ll be spending the night with.


WildmanT Mesh Big Boy Pouch BriefWildmanT Mesh Micro Thong With Big Boy Pouch

Of course no men’s underwear collection would be complete without a few more risqué designs to play around with. The WildmanT Black Mesh Large Contour Pouch Bikini once again draws attention to one’s endowed nature, but with a set of curves along the thighs nothing is overdone.

On the otherhand, if you are the kind of guy who wants to throw subtlety out the window, then the WildmanT Mesh Micro Thong with Big Boy Pouch may will probably be more your bag, as its elegant arrangement draws all the attention to your package. It still features the same materials and overall design, so that you aren’t sacrificing comfort, nor worsening a big dick problem for the sake of showing off your ‘precious cargo’.

Lastly, there’s even a variation of the WildmanT Mesh Big Boy Thong that lacks the big boy pouch, yet nevertheless features its own contour crotch that was equally designed to take on heavy cargo. We guarantee no men’s underwear brand out there will leave you feeling as free and fine as this reasonably priced and remarkably sexy selection.


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