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WildmanT Stretch Cotton Big Boy Pouch Brief


Discover the difference underwear that is designed for you can make. WildmanT Big Boy Pouch collection is a Large Pouch Underwear designed specifically for guys with large endowment.

We know you have suffered being squished, pinched and overheated. We also know that you have searched and searched for a brand that could accommodate you. The challenge to find comfortable, supportive underwear that fits you is over!

Our Big Boy Pouch underwear not only gives you the space you need in front but it still remains supportive.  We have created a pouch that gives you extra space forward (the way the body was designed) but then wraps under your "boys" to keep them supported and away from the body.  This allows comfort for sitting, jogging and  working out.  Plus the support away from the body keeps you cooler!

Great design, great comfort and made in the USA!

86% of our customers are repeat customers!  Once you try your first pair and get the relief you have been searching for, you too will become a repeat customer! PLUS try it risk free! If you don't LOVE them we will give you a FULL refund!

Feel the relief you have been looking for.

  • AMAZINGLY COMFORTABLE! Jay on Nov 04, 2018 Finally some underwear that fits comfortably and can be worn for any occasion. There are some larger pouch pairs out there, but these are by far the best and fit so well you almost forget they are there. Great for sleeping, working, going out - all around fantastic underwear!
  • LIFE CHANGING I am not joking when I say these changed my life. It sounds stupid as the product is simply underwear. My entire life I have dealt with chafing that was so painful I couldn't function through my entire day. My solution was taking (not joking) 3 showers a day and marinating my body with gold bond powder. I have tried every brand of underwear made to the point it was a running joke between my wife and I. I stumbled across this website and I ordered 1 pair thinking I would give them a shot. I wish I had discovered these 25 years ago! I now own several pair and continue to add more. Look, the long and short of it is that these underwear are for men that regular underwear simply does not work for. We hang out the sides and at best we just try to mash our man parts up against our bodies causing chafing and pain in general. There is a reason socks come in different sizes. I spent most of my life feeling like I was trying to squeeze an adult foot into a toddler's shoe. This is an entirely new and brilliant concept. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
  • GREAT FIT AND COMFORTABLE Finally underwear that fits. I’m a huge fan of WildmanT. I tried other brands but these are the first that fit and are really comfortable. After communicating with Tim I bought the red and blue stitched boxers. They fit great even for someone who is quite long and as unusually wide as I am. I’m a very satisfied customer. What a great brand.
  • AWESOME PERFECT FIT Finally found underwear made to fit a man and make you feel like a man. The pouch holds everything at the right position. The pouch is stretchy enough to allow for a random boner. My first order arrived quickly and I wore them several times now. I just ordered another shipment so I have enough of pairs to wear them daily. I often caught people stealing glances at my bulge before and these just enhance the visible bulge more yet. 100% satisfied.

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